Assistance to French victims of bodily injury abroad

Few French victims, accidents abroad are aware of their rights to be compensated in France. But any victim of a criminal offence, traffic offense or assault abroad may be subject tocompensation in France by the Compensation Commission for Crime Victims (CIVI).

In order to improve the compensation of crime victims, French law has set up a specific compensation scheme from which French nationals can benefit. Under this regime based on national solidarity and specified in articles 706-3 and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure, compensation for victims is provided by the Guarantee Fund for victims of acts of Terrorism and other Offenses (FGTI).

In addition to the conditions of Nationality, the injuries sustained must be of a certain severity and have caused permanent incapacity or total incapacity for work equal to or greater than one month or resulting in death.

Otherwise, without fulfilling these seriousness criteria, any victim of sexual assault is admissible to act. before the CIVI.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to establish theexistence of an offense. Pour être indemnisé, il faut prouver l’existence d’une infraction à l’origine du fait dommageable, c’està-dire une action ou un comportement défini par le code pénal français et passible de sanctions pénales en France. Le fait dommageable (action qui produit le dommage) peut être volontaire ou involontaire. 

Ainsi, l’accès au système d’indemnisation est possible pour les victimes de tous types d’accidents comme ceux de la route, qu’elles soient conductrices, passagères, piétonnes… mais à condition de prouver l’existence d’une infraction commise par un tiers à l’origine des faits.

Lors d’un accident à l’étranger, nous conseillons à la victime de porter plainte devant les autorités locales, sachant que les faits sont qualifiés conformément à la législation du pays où l’accident a eu lieu. Pour les infractions les plus graves, Mattheva Assistance vous invite à file a complaint also in France. France recognizes the principle of non bis in idem prohibiting new proceedings in France, against a person already judged definitively abroad for the same facts, even if the qualification of the facts would be different between the 2 countries.

The victim must be able to demonstrate the harm they suffer after the accident. Thus, all the evidence attesting to the bodily or material damage must be established and kept.

La preuve de ces faits peut être rapportée par tous moyens (documents médicaux, témoignages, décision pénale…), mais il est toujours préférable de porter plainte afin d’obtenir auprès de la police locale un constat ou un rapport d’enquête, puis de signaler l’agression ou l’accident au Consulat

In this respect, MATTHEVA Assistance has a network of doctors and psychologists who can examine the trauma suffered after the accident and accordingly provide the medical certificates and/or work stoppages necessary to supervise the compensation procedure.

In the event of default of judgment abroad, the Penal Code provides that when the victim is of French nationality at the time of the offence, French law applies to any crime or misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment, committed by a French or by a foreigner against a French outside French territory.

The request for compensation must be presented within three years of the facts. This period may be extended in the event of criminal proceedings in the country where the facts were committed. But the request, even presented after these deadlines, can be accepted if the victim proves that he was unable to act. When the victim is a minor, the three-year period begins to run from his majority.

Regardless of where the offense was committed, whether the perpetrator is identified or not, Mattheva Assistance supports any person of French nationality who has suffered damage abroad, resulting from acts constituting a punishable offense in France.

Mattheva Assistance conseille et assiste principalement les victimes, françaises et les binationaux, pour les accidents survenus en Tunisie, au Maroc, en Algérie, au Sénégal, en Côte d’Ivoire, aux Antilles, en République dominicaine et en Haïti.

From expertise to total compensation for your damage, Mattheva assists you with the constant concern to offer you a personalized service to best assert your rights as a victim thanks to our multidisciplinary international network.

In addition, we intervene for immigrants who have had an accident in their country of origin and who live in France.