Mattheva accompagne les victimes d'accidents corporels

Our fees:

Remuneration based on results

The issue of fees and remuneration for our services is addressed from the first meeting. Our fees as a consulting company are free, measured, adapted and proportional to the volume and complexity of the tasks you entrust to us.

As part of a first exchange, we We carry out a thorough and free assessment of your situation. Our medical adviser and our lawyer specializing in legal compensation for damage are respectively responsible for checking the medical and legal aspects of your case.

Following this study, if we agree to accompany you, We will draw up a detailed representation and fee agreement, adapted to your situation and the nature of the mission.

Convinced of the quality of our network and the excellence of our know-how, We advance the various costs of medical expertise as well as legal fees.

You therefore have no advance to be made for the costs of medical expertise or lawyer's fees. Le temps passé et les honoraires des médecins conseil, des avocats ainsi que les autres experts du réseau Mattheva sont pris en charge par nos soins.

Moreover throughout the compensation procedure, we offer financial assistance to help you deal with an emergency, through ad hoc reimbursable advances.

We receive our fees and/or the reimbursement of the advances granted, when you receive a provision from the paying agency or your final compensation, as the case may be.

We offer remuneration for our services based on the result, which corresponds to a percentage of the compensation obtained.

In this way, we wish to provide access to a quality defense for people who do not have the financial resources necessary to face a compensation procedure that is often long and expensive to assert their rights.