Mattheva pour une juste indemnisation des victimes d'accidents

Our values

Mattheva a pu se développer grâce à l’engagement et la fidélité de ses collaborateurs partout dans le monde. C’est avant tout un réseau de femmes et d’hommes talentueux qui mettent leurs expertises "at the service of others to live better together".

Our values are based on our deep professional convictions as well as on the requirements of probity of our activities. We expect all of our associates to work and act ethically and with integrity.

Our actions meet high standards and are results-oriented, efficient and flexible while putting people at the heart of our priorities.

We cooperate with respect, with our clients, candidates, colleagues and stakeholders. We value diversity and commitment to a common goal. Our customers are our daily priority. We understand the markets and focus on understanding their needs.
We provide our clients with high quality advice and work in order to achieve the objectives and expected results of excellence.

Kindness and Respect

Respect for others must be conceived and written with a capital "R". Respect for others means putting people at the heart of our concerns. We concretize this value day by day through the quality of “living together” and our listening to others, through our absolute respect for human rights; through the pursuit of unwavering integrity; by valuing diversity, by respecting all generations.

The pioneering spirit